Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where Should I Start?

It has been a long journey. A journey that I couldn't believe I made it through alive..but I'm barely breathing. Looking back at what I have accomplish in these 11 months is beyond my expectation. I have come so far from where I have started! Met some incredibly amazing people, learned so much from great leaderships, stumble and fall along the way, reconcile with God again and again... After all these, I still question myself this : Am I living the life of a godly person? Or am I still worldly?

Yes, I made some mistakes and hurt some people. But I'm not perfect. Well, I try to be.. I work hard and push my limits (physically and mentally). It is the expectation that people have set on me that has hurt them. Because they didn't expect the mistakes coming from me. I'm always the "can-do" and "perfectionist" girl. Agree?

However, I know I still have a longer and wider bridge to build and cross over but it takes time and sacrifices along the way..

Am I ready for that? To be stretch by God?


Claire Ma Tzi Ying said...


Angel said...

Focus on ur action and not the fruit of action. The fruit will come according to His will. Worry not. Be in his presence, be in his present(his gift and time as in now)

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