Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hi guys

I don't know where to start ._.

Okay. I have a big commitment issue in keeping my blog updated. I realize that blogging has been a long gone era though some bloggers are still doing it (really good for them!). People are starting to move away from reading to watching videos on YouTube. I don't know. There's just so many things happening on YouTube nowadays that that art of writing is simply becoming nothing. On the other hand, the art of creating YouTube videos has been going strong and people are asking for more. But I'm pretty sure that this YouTube phase will eventually die down and something new will come for the people to crave for it. Humans beings are never easy to be pleased huh..

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Seems like I have not written for a year! Unbelievable...

Gone were the days where I used to blog thrice a week. I can't believe how fast time have flew! WELL, I'm no longer a fashion student but I'm pursuing Broadcasting in IACT College right now. I'll be the one who works behind the scene during a production shoot :D 

I'm currently working with Reanimated Studio (founded by Gordon Ling) on a very exciting project with Harith Iskander!

I hope I could write more but this will do for now. 2013 is gonna be an exciting year for me and I can't wait for future opportunities to come! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where Should I Start?

It has been a long journey. A journey that I couldn't believe I made it through alive..but I'm barely breathing. Looking back at what I have accomplish in these 11 months is beyond my expectation. I have come so far from where I have started! Met some incredibly amazing people, learned so much from great leaderships, stumble and fall along the way, reconcile with God again and again... After all these, I still question myself this : Am I living the life of a godly person? Or am I still worldly?

Yes, I made some mistakes and hurt some people. But I'm not perfect. Well, I try to be.. I work hard and push my limits (physically and mentally). It is the expectation that people have set on me that has hurt them. Because they didn't expect the mistakes coming from me. I'm always the "can-do" and "perfectionist" girl. Agree?

However, I know I still have a longer and wider bridge to build and cross over but it takes time and sacrifices along the way..

Am I ready for that? To be stretch by God?

Thursday, September 29, 2011


"You're in depression"
"It's just a fling gone wrong"
"Ain't worth your tears"
"Everything's gonna be fine"
"I understand.."
"Be stronger"
"Only God can heal you"
"Don't skip dinner"

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Eureka moment comes when my mind is totally exhausted but I just can't sleep yet. This is incredible. Mentally and physically drained out from serving God and now He decides to plant a vision in me at 2:27AM. Outrageous but if I slept, the passion and desire to chase that vision will no longer be with me..

The following weeks and months are going to be greater! Lord, please be with me..

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Life is too short to be spent alone. I've just finish watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (random). The fear and horror of living a lonely life is unbearable for any human being.

Lately, I have missed talking to God. Miss singing to His songs in the car while I'm stuck in the bad traffic. How is it possible to be so busy with church work til there is no time for Him? I mean, I'm doing God's work but I can't even spend quality time with Him? It's insane. It's like saying I'm having dinner with my family but we're not even communicating. They're just there..

I guess this is the phase where I get too caught up with real life situation and I've placed Him somehow less important. Human beings will always be that way. Imperfectly perfect in God's eyes yet He still loves us. It's just like you, loving your partner even though they made a mistake/hurt you. Because *you* love them enough to forgive them. Life is a journey, not a destination.

We all want to have that special someone to walk with in our lives journeys. Someone that loves us for our good and our bad. Someone that doesn't beat us down but encourages us. Someone that loves Jesus and loves God. Someone who you could not possibly imaging living without him/her. Someone who can instantly make you smile just by the thought of him/her. Someone that shares the same vision and goal with you :)

Eternity is where I want to be.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Land Below The Wind

My 3D2N in Kota Kinabalu was truly filled with exploration and a whole lots of laughter. We went to Mount Kinabalu Park, walk the entire street market (forgotten what it's called) nearby my hotel and met up w Jeremiah, Jethro, Andre and Ferik for McD. I must learn the art of how to control my face from blushing. Seriously! I was blushing on and off for the entire time at McD 8(

However, it was a rather short time span in KK. Flew back to KL on Sunday noon and hello to the normal massive traffic jam again.


Aside from Kota Kinabalu, here's what I've been up to. Non other than homeworks..

a plushie headgear for my 3D Studies
it took me exactly 2 days to complete it, everything was hand sew!

12 colour wheel for Design Theory
it's not easy to mix the colour Violet! Took me 4 attempts to get it right, thank God..

love fashion, love my classmates :)

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